Dec 142019


Ariel X vs Bella Rossi
Thong war, what’s a thong war – you’re about to find out how brutal a thong war can be and with a fabulous wild new girl named Bella Rossi. Bella is a big bundle of brutal, how can such a beautiful face get so mean and speaking of mean we have Ariel X on the other side of this, both ladies are in rival gangs and have decided to settle their conflict with this thong war where they fight putting the thongs of women they have beaten on their hands then topless they let it all go and savagely employ every wild move they have starting with jamming their hands and the fingers in the face of their foe, then vicious slugs to the face and body, and don’t forget the hair which has both ladies pulling each other around the room by their scalp. Next they try to batter each others breasts as they go chest to chest and soon they have their skimpy bottoms off so they can go hard after their vulnerable pussies. When I say wild I mean wild, these women go so crazy on each other they bite, not just one bite no they bite all the way up their back, and they are just getting started. From couch to floor to wall and back again – wild women going crazy on each other, and a new wild women you will love to meet, Bella, a real match for the amazing Ariel X —— ENJOY !!!!!!
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