Punishing The Cheating Sister-In-Law – HD

Stella is very upset. By chance, she saw her sister-in-law Tatiana fucking around with another man. Stella loves her brother. She never cared much for Tatiana. She thinks the little Russian slut just married him for the visa. She decides to face Tatiana at her own home; she still has her brother’s house key. Tatiana gets home shortly after Stella let herself into her brother’s house. Tatiana is very surprised to see Stella sitting there. Stella immediately attacks her. You bitch were cheating on my brother! Faced with the pictures, Tatiana does not have much to defend herself. Stella takes off Tatiana’s panties and sticks them in her mouth, then quickly ties her up. She pulls Tatiana up and her dress down. Tatiana’s beautiful breasts are fully exposed. She pushes her back on the couch and takes out the magic wand. Tatiana’s long legs are getting spread wide open. Stella pushes the vibrating wand on Tatiana’s clit and pussy and tells her she is a whore and will cum for her as she did for the guys she fucked. The whole thing gets Stella wet and horny. She takes off her top and her bra to reveal her gorgeous big tits. Seeing Stella’s boobs makes Tatiana even more horny and she explodes in a loud orgasm. But Stella is not done with punishing her sister-in-law. She makes her lick the head of the wand and….
tags:forced orgasm,humiliation,storyline

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