Jul 212020

Get ready for a brawl with this all-star cast! When Blue Canary (Mckenzie) ambushes a weapons deal, she gets more than she bargained for with the appearance of longtime rival Lynxa (Lucy Westenra), the head of the Westside Triad and her goons. Facing capture, she finds herself waking up in a nightmare of trial after trial in an attempt to hold onto her sanity and willpower both. Lynxa plans to groom her as another of personal play things with the assistance her pet “X” (Xiphos), a psychotic pyrokinetic. Will Blue Canary escape? Or will she take her seat beside X at Lynxa’s feet…?
This movie includes:
1.4 Hour run time! Triple headliner cast! Several Combat Sequences Superpowers Bear Hugs Low Blows Belly/Face Punching Nudity Multiple Asphyxiation Scenes Spit Multiple Femdommes Whipping (Brief) Caning Branding Bondage Defiant Heroine Strap-on BJ Scenes (Messy) Strap-on Sex Scenes Hair Dragging Unwilling Voyeurism Electroshocks Sleep Deprivation Mind Breaking Powder Attack Beatdowns Grappling Groping Forced Orgasm Throat Lift AoH Stepping Passage of Time Multiple KO’s Sweat/Ruined Makeup Mistress/SlaveDancing
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