Power Girl Powerless (hd)

Cali is a sexy superheroine called Powergirl, she usually fighting crime only wear black bra and black g-string, but she has a weakness in the form of women’s saliva.

Powergirl find the Henchman Lairs, but The Henchman already knows the weakness of powergirl!!!, at the Henchman lair, The henchman then pours woman saliva to Powergirl body silently then Powergirl immediately rendered utterly helpless by Henchman’s trick, Powergirl starting to feel dizzy and Powerless!!!, Powergirl than started to Drooling/Salivating from her mouth and cannot doing anything!!!.

The henchman then started to punch to her vulnerable belly! Henchman drives her point home by utterly DOMINATING the weakened Powergirl, with vicious punches and slaps to Powergirl’s beautiful but soft and weak belly until she can take no more!
This clip runs 10 minutes long and includes cosplay, female fighting, belly punching, domination, drooling, power drain.
Categories: belly punching , domination , swallowing/drooling , magic control , female fighting power girl , cali logan , sinthia bee , power drain
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Duration: 00:09:44 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 569.05 MB

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