Oct 272020

Penny Barber VS Leya Falcon

Penny Barber VS Leya Falcon
Description: Leya Falcon is doing her first try at wrestling for Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition. She is taking on everyone’s favorite MILF, Penny Barber. Penny Barber is the best Wrestler mommy for a new girl to start with because she’s sexy, slutty and talks more shit than any other wrestler on our roster. If you can last a match with the torment that Penny dishes out, you can last a match with anyone. Leya puts up a good fights but let’s face it, Penny destroys her in the wrestling rounds. The way our rules are set up, if someone orgasms in the 3rd round, they lose. So Leya is planning on taking it easy the first two rounds and then pouncing on Penny in round 3 and making her cum. If you have followed Penny’s wrestling career, she has a weakness for ladies and she does have a tendency of cumming on the mats. Round 3 is anyone game even though rounds 1 and 2 where total domination by Penny Barber using her gift wrap , face sitting and leg scissors. The Winner gets to use the REAL COCK to fuck the loser. The loser must give the winner a foot job and then give up the ass. The loser is fucked so hard her asshole gapes wide open and we get a good look of what losers are made of.
Foot n, Humiliation, Strapon Fucking, Winner Fucks Loser
tags:lezdom,lesbian domination,catfight porn,submission,overpowered,facesitting,evolvedfightslez siterip

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