Oct 092021

lesbian superheroines

Kody Evans debut at Heroine Universe in a HOT superheroine scenario where she plays two roles: both Patriot Girl and Forest Maiden. Savannah Costello is the resident sex slaver businesswoman, in her suit and heels in a warehouse on the phone making deals, talking about how proud she is of her team for capturing Forest Maiden, and delivering instructions on where to put her. As she continues her conversation, Patriot Girl (Kody) walks in, Savannah to hang up. Savannah taunts and teases the superheroine, but Patriot Girl isn’t taking any lip from her. After an exchange between them, Patriot Girl gets in Savannah’s face, letting her know she’ll be back and that Savannah’s days of taking women is over. Savannah smirks as Patriot Girl leaves.

Back in a separate location, we see Forest Maiden (Kody) helpless on a bed, as Savannah enters. We watch as Savannah plays and toys with Forest Maiden’s , helpless body, foreshadowing all the naughty things she’ll be doing to her. Being the kinky sex slaver that she is, Savannah of course always tests the merchandise, and Forest Maiden is her latest project. As Forest Maiden begins to come around, Savannah does something to keep Forest Maiden helpless but aware, wanting her to experience everything. Unable to speak, only in moans, Forest Maiden is helpless as Savannah uses a STRAP-ON to her. Ripping her pantyhose completely open, Savannah uses the STRAP-ON on Forest Maiden repeatedly, in different positions, making her cum. In the end, after repeated violations, Forest Maiden is left exhausted and helpless as Savannah promises her more to come.

Later that evening, we now see Patriot Girl exploring the completely dark warehouse, using a flashlight, looking for evidence against Savannah. She explores until she finds a bondage device. Thinking this’ll be a good piece of evidence, Patriot Girl is shocked when the lights suddenly come on and a NET falls from the ceiling on top of her. Almost instantly, Savannah uses appears and uses something on her! Patriot Girl struggles but is soon helpless in the net. Savannah promises many naughty things to come.

Taking the net off Patriot Girl, Savannah begins a long session of fun. First, with Patriot Girl helpless, Savannah REMOVES HER BOOTS, showing off her sheer white nylon feet, talking about how she’ll make a lot of money selling her off to her foot clients. Laying near her, Savannah uses her hand to MASTURBATE Patriot Girl until she comes around with a big orgasm, before Savannah straddles and makes her helpless once again. Savannah then uses her own nylon feet all over Patriot Girl’s body and face. In the end, Patriot Girl finds herself locked into the bondage device she earlier discovered, as Savannah enters w/ a STRAP-ON. Patriot Girl, bound and cleave gagged, is helpless to stop Savannah from FUCKING HER WITH THE STRAP-ON making her cum. In the end, she’s made helpless once more, with no escape for her, yet another sex slut to be used and sold.
tags:superheroine porn,superheroines fetish,lezdom,lesbian domination,catfight ,spanking,humiliation,overpowered,strapon,bonage,bdsm

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