Part 2: The Fat Spell


The Fat Spell. All you have to do is press play and I will transport you right back to where I left you before, panic stricken, aroused and completely immobile., so huge you filled up your entire bedroom. There was no friend you could call… there is just me, watching over you at the end of the bed. I am in charge of this spell, I created it, and I want to humiliate you as I bring your fantasises to life. Dressed in sheer red lace, playing with my incredible tits and driving you insane. Your tiny little pin dick is throbbing under all those folds of flesh but you simply cannot move a muscle. A gross disgusting pig expanding slowly inch by inch…you can actually feel yourself getting bigger as I talk. Try and lift your upper body…go on. That is correct you cant move a muscle, look at the sweat just from trying to do that! your belly is so huge it wont left you move, your upper body is so heavy you cant support yourself at all. I cant make out where your chin ends and where your waist begins. You are just a huge blubbery blob of flesh, look your folds of skin are starting to fall over the sides of the bed. The spell is working even harder…how will it end, you feel the sensation of expanding more and more. The fear is mixed with arousal, there is no controlling this sensation. This is what you always wanted. I can see every part of you struggling, the look in your eyes, how ridiculous you look on this bed. A beautiful women in your presence finally and there is nothing you can do to me, nothing at all! Now feel the sensation of the funnel I am putting in your mouth I am going to feed you litre after litre of cream and melted chocolate. It wont make you fatter, that is happening anyway, I just want you to feel the sensation of your belly getting heavier aad heavier…you wont , you will just feel more and more full by the second. Oh my god you are actually starting to press against the walls now again… this is so gross, you are getting bigger and bigger. Soon you are just going to explode! soon it will all be over
Clip contains: fat spell, feeder/feedee fantasy, topless, femdom pov, humiliation, mindfuck, transformation

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