The year is 2028. An alliance between Dr. Skullion and MADAM OBLIVION has resulted in the catastrophic collapse of the world as we know it, with only a few heroes and villains having escaped the subsequent round ups. One of these final few rogue freedom fighters is Karol Danvors, once known as Captain Marvelous (Chimera). Responding to rumors that a defunct lab of Skullions holds the key to their defeat, she is ambushed by the insane Parasyte (Christoph) who has rigged the building as a trap for any would-be heroes. This lunatic super-villain maintains his own freedom by using his unique abilities to track down and disable what few meta-humans remain.

Worse, Parasyte has been ordered by Skullion to make use of a machine that creates a digital copy of its victims for the mad Doctor’s eternal enjoyment. To make these copies, the target must endure a gauntlet of pain and pleasure in order to create their digital duplicate.

Will Captain Marvelous defeat Parasyte and escape the trap? Or will she succumb to his fiendish ingenuity and end up slain? Or worse.

The resistance needs the Captain more than ever. May she succeed where so many others have failed before! The future depends upon it.

Producer Notes: This experimental film includes a fair bit of actual impact and connection thanks to the talents and endurance of these particularly skilled performers, pulling in flavors of actual BDSM and physical combat. While not every impact in the film makes real contact, many of them do, lending the combat and endurance scenes a much more realistic feeling than what we can typically accomplish. This goes for implements and physical strikes both. If the film goes over well we will investigate exploring this kind of content further, albeit much like with hardcore offerings, what we can do with who is based entirely on talent preferences.

Huge thank you to Chimera for their amazing first showing! (Sans a brief cameo in Blue Canary!)
-Actual Impacts (Read Above)-Actress Debut-Powerful Heroine Insane Villain-Traps-Lots of Combat-Superpowers (Plasma/Draining)Low-blows.-Bear Hug-Power Draining Humiliation-Groping-Grappling/Wrestling-Hair Pulling-Belly Punches-Forced Orgasms Forced Oral-Simsex from Vrious Positions-Strangulation-Electrocution-AOH-Unconsciousness-Impacts/Whipping/Spanking-Bondage-Domination-Light Nudity-Imprisonment
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