Aug 312020

Panty Thief Feminized And Humiliated By Penny Barber HD

Panty Thief Feminized And Humiliated By Penny Barber HD
I catch Sam panty-handed in the sorority house and when I pull down his pants for a punishment paddling I discover he is already wearing my pink thong and a chastity device! I decide this little panty thief deserves the most humiliating night of his life. I make him ditch his boy clothes and model some of the undies and lingerie he tried to steal. More spankings, wedgies, and sissy confessions leave the little pantyboy whimpering for mercy but I just silence him with my ass in his face. When he still annoys me with his begging I put the cry-baby in a girly pull-up diaper. The only way he could be more humiliated would be if I let the whole sorority see the sad sissy mess I have turned him into now.
Category: FORCED FEM

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