P0wer G1rl G0es D0wn

Power Girl has found Dr. Wayne Brennan and she is taking him into the authorities. Power Girl uses her powerful breath to knock a dangerous laser weapon away from him, using the opportunity to attack him and take control of him up against the wall.For the last six months, though, he had been spelunking in the Andes, looking for the last piece of a powerful kryptonite crystal. Her powers are weakened by the crystal and he takes over, throwing her to the ground. He grabs her and puts her on the bed where he unzips his pants and shoves his cock down her throat.He makes her give him a long, sloppy, and deep blow job before stripping off her clothes and rubbing her pussy with delight.On her knees again he resumes shoving his cock down her throat. He puts her on the bed and proceeds to fuck her hard, shifting to a nearby wall to fuck her doggystyle. He lifts her up in the air and she rides him, moaning for him to stop as his throbbing cock fucks her deeper and harder.Back on the bed he cums a monster load over her stomach. He places the kryptonite crystal on her chest and she struggles to get up. Will she ever catch him, or has he won this round?Fetish Elements:Explicit Sexual Content, Power Girl, Wayne Brennan, Superheroine, Super Villain, Action, Kryptonite, Fight Scene, Deep Throat, Blowjob, Sloppy, Spit, Stripping, Pussy Play, Pussy Fucking, Doggystyle, Cumshot
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