OPERATION AMERICANA A hogtied Super Hero Feature. America’s greatest hero..

Princess Donna Dolore Isis Love Christina Carter and Riley Rey
This is a bonus feature update of the super hero test shoot now available on SexandSubmission.com! Starring Isis Love, Princess Donna, and introducing Riley Rey. Featuring Special Guest Star Christina Carter playing Americana. Directed by Matt Williams. Somewhere in the South Pacific, the world’s most brilliant supervillain is creating a special Aphrodisiac Ecstasy Nerve Agent (AENA) – one that genetically will only affect females. His distaste for authority, government and those who work for them is immense. Known only as the Doctor, this super-genius has a plan. Create AENA, capture the President’s daughter, use her as bait, avoid a US Carrier Strike group, hope America sends Americana in, capture said Super Hero, move locations, use the Super Hero as a humping post, a sexual slave, then use HER as bait. Looks easy on paper. LET’S WATCH!
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