Mar 022019


eautiful naked Euro girls, so many guys wanted more of these girls so we hustled up two gorgeous natural beauties, Brandy is going to teach the gorgeous brunette Emily how to put on some excruciating holds but first she demands they do them nude and Emily has no problem with this, matter of fact she seems to relish being naked and why wouldn’t she with that fabulous young figure, show it off. Brandy starts out with a body scissors and adds enough pain so her newbie can get a good feel for it and when it’s the brunette’s turn we soon find out she enjoys turning up the pain and has the redhead squirming with her long legs smashing into the mat as that amazing body of Emily is showcased. Next it’s a figure four leg lock but when our brunette has her tun this time she really takes it up the pain meter – Brandy is pissed off and decides to really show this little upstart what wrestling is all about, she puts on a killer camel clutch, arm bar, full nelson and scissors, grape vine and ending with another figure four leg lock and all with bad intentions. But we are treated to seeing her beautiful naked foe get stretched in every direction and finding out what wrestling pain is all about. Gorgeous natural naked beauties putting on fabulous wrestling holds – it couldn’t get much better !!!!!!
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