Dec 092020

Nina Crowne – Sister Nina Leads You to Satan

Nina Crowne – Sister Nina Leads You to Satan
You come to the Mother Superior of your church because you, as the head priest, have been dealing with evil feelings welling up inside you. You hope she will be able to give you counsel on how to deal with it. The lust you’ve been experiencing is overwhelming and the women of the parish can tell. As you explain, she reveals that she already knows. She asks you what you really want…do you want to reject these feelings or do you want to give in? Nun Nina then leads you into giving yourself over to Satan, repeating blasphemies, and eventually masturbating with her as she cums on the crucifix. You’ve found a new path now, a path to Satanism, and now your goal is to convert as many of Christ’s followers to the Dark Lord. Together, you and her can bring the world to evil.

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