Nikki Brooks and Cory Chase in Construction

“You have an outstanding balance of $39,000,” Cory the construction worker tells Ms. Brooks. “Well, my husband is not here right now and I can’t pay you! My husband has to pay you!” Nikki exclaims. Cory insists that she needs to get paid today! She needs to pay her entire crew, and she needs the full amount of money paid now. “I can only pay you $10,000 today; My husband has to pay you the rest!” Nikki cries out. “That is not going to cover my whole construction crew! I need to get paid in full!” Cory insists. Cory’s breast starts to poke out from under the construction vest. Nikki can’t help but stare at her breast! Cory has an idea for how Nikki can pay her without having the cash. Cory starts to tug at Nikki’s skirt… And then Cory strips naked and she sits down in Nikki’s kitchen chair. Cory spreads her legs and she starts to rub her pussy, as Nikki gets down on her knees. Nikki confesses that she has never eaten a woman’s pussy out before and she doesn’t know what to do, but she is willing to try! She starts to lick Cory’s pussy, and she notices the construction workers jerking off while watching them from out the window! “Keep licking!” Cory tells her. Nikki keeps licking and sucking on Cory’s clit. Nikki lifts up her skirt and she shakes her ass in the doggy style position as she keeps eating Cory’s pussy. After Cory cums in Nikki’s mouth, she tells her that she will be back tomorrow to do the same exact thing again!
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