NICOLE – Serve me and don’t annoy me, idiots!

Nicole is going on a date and her slaves help her. Nicole sits on fat emma’s face like on a chair and puts on makeup. olivia combs her hair and old monica licks her shoes. Everyone seems to be busy but Nicole doesn’t like the way her slaves serve her. She is in a bad mood and the slightest mistake irritates her. emma accidentally moved a little and olivia combs her hair badly. "You stupid whore! You don’t know how to comb my hair? I showed you how to do it!" – Nicole shouted and began to slap the pitiful olivia hard. The slave begged for forgiveness but Nicole was already angry. olivia’s face turned red from being slapped by Nicole.. "My feet are sweaty! Quickly lay on the floor, whores!" Nicole ordered. The slave girls immediately lay down on the floor and stuck out their tongues. Nicole began to wipe her bare soles on their tongues and humiliate them morally. After which, in the same way, Nicole cleaned her shoes on their tongues. The slaves knelt down and began to bow to their Mistress, tell her many compliments and kiss her shoes. "I know that I’m beautiful and you are stupid losers! Stupid and ugly!" – Nicole said and ordered each slave to look in the mirror. "You were born to serve me!" – Nicole said with disgust and spat in the faces of miserable slaves. It’s very dangerous to make Nicole angry and get her in a bad mood..
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