NICOLE – I hate you, stupid! – Very hard slapping and humiliation!

Every slave is afraid to disappoint Nicole. As soon as they see her, they begin to tremble with fear. Nicole uses iren’s face as a chair, puts on makeup and goes on a date. iren tried to hold all of Nicole’s weight so as not to annoy her, but Nicole didn’t like how she was trying. “Can’t you sit up straight, whore? Of all my slaves, you are the dumbest!” Nicole shouted. Lately, no matter how hard iren tries, Nicole hates her the most. Nicole began with all her strength to slap the pitiful iren. She pressed iren’s body with her heels and humiliated her morally. Tears flowed from the eyes of an insignificant slave .. iren begged for mercy, but Nicole slapped her more and more each time. “Forgive me Mistress” – iren begged and sucked on Nicole’s boots and heels. iren cried from pain and humiliation, but this did not cause Nicole a drop of pity. Don’t miss this hard lesbian domination!
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