May 082022

After I made a contract with this whore avril. Nicole and I wanted to have fun with her. We spent time together and had a good walk. When we returned, of course, this loser was waiting for us on her knees. I like to humiliate her.. Just look at how she licks our dirty shoes. Ugh.. It’s gross and funny at the same time. We can do whatever we want with her… and we will! She is our property.
Inga and I continue to have fun with this loser avril. Now she is faced with the task of licking the dirt from our feet as quickly as possible. I don’t think she can do it because she’s a useless idiot. But we’ll check it out anyway lol! Hahahaha now this stupid creature looks like a pig .. well, let her grunt like a pig! Okay, we’re in a good mood today and we’ll feed her. Just look at how deliciously she crunches food for pets.. Ugh..
After walking with this idiot avril, I and Inga decided to have some more fun with her. Look at her stupid face when we spits at her and shake off the ashes. She really is a nonentity who deserves nothing more than that kind of treatment. Okay, we’ll let her suck our guys’ cum. I purposely left a couple of used condoms just for her. But she still needs to catch them hahaha. Dumb fish! Why not feed her cigarette ends? She deserves it – Eat cum and cigarette ends lol! Loser..
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