Nelly gets foot shavings licked off her face by Old Zina 4K

As a Goddess, I must always keep up with hygiene. How else do you think I look this perfect? That also means that I make sure that my feet look perfect by filing all the deadskin off my feet. Even when I’m filing my feet, I love to humiliate my stupid slaves while doing it. It makes it better. I have with me my old hag slave Zina and stupid slave Nelly. Zina sits next to me while Nelly is on the floor on her back so that I can file my feet over her face. That way all the foot shavings will land on her ugly face where my foot shavings belong like a trash can. I start filing my feet. The shavings are making Nelly cough in disgust. They get all on her face and hair. I finish both feet and the foot file has shavings on it. That’s why Zina is here. "Stick your tongue out old slut. Lick all that off the file." She cleans all the shavings off the file and I tap it on her tongue. The taste of the shavings disgusts Zina. Once the file is completely clean, there’s something else she needs to lick clean. Nelly’s face is covered in shavings. Usually I make Nelly eat the shavings on her face, but it’s more humiliating when you have an ugly old hag lick off all the shavings off your face. Lol. It’s so funny. "Lick it all off her face bitch! Make her face spotless like my file." I make sure the old cunt really gets in there by holding her nasty hair like a handle. Nelly’s is so disgusted by Zina’s licks. Probably smells like old lady breath. Nasty. Hahaha. I move her head with her tongue out with my foot to make sure she licks all over Nelly’s face. Her face looks clean enough. There’s foot dust on my feet. "Both of you get lick my feet clean! Like all the foot dust off." Both sluts lick my feet clean simultaneously. They’re not licking good enough, so I get up and slap them. "You two are not doing a good job! Sit up! I’ll show you how to do it." Zina is against the wall so that she can lick the bottom of my foot while I’m standing. Now it’s Nelly’s turn. For some reason, she’s doing a worst job then Nelly and she’s a lot younger. To make her step it up, I spit on her face and clap muly hands loud. Now that my feet looks clean, I’m done with these two sluts. I spit in their faces one last time and applause them for doing a good job. Till next time when I need to use them again. Maybe I’ll come up with some more humiliating for them.
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