Sep 192020

Natasha’s Bedroom – Perverted Masturbation Marathon

Natasha’s Bedroom – Perverted Masturbation Marathon
Normal masturbation just isn’t enough for a freak like you. You’re far too gone for that. You need DEPRAVED jerking, twisted JOI tasks, messed up masturbation control – and that’s just I’m going to give you. Buckle up. The perverted masturbation marathon starts NOW.
I look innocent, with my cute braids and bright smile, but don’t let that fool you. I have very dirty mind. It’s filled with filthy ideas that YOU will soon act out. Jerk up and down. You’re my humiliation guinea pig, putting my twisted ideas into action. Stroke that cock how I say. You’re under my masturbatory control now. Your body is my canvass of depravity. Your limits WILL be pushed – just far enough that you’ll obey reflexively, while being shocked at how totally fucked up you’re acting at the same time. You can handle this depravity, and you will. You’ll have a compliance check to complete along the way to make sure of it.
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