Natashas Bedroom – Loser Has To – Humiliation Game

We’re going to play one of my favorite games: LOSER HAS TO. It’s Simon Says for losers — and you’re the loser. If you’ve been my bitch for a while, you’ve played this game before. This time, I’m taking the degradation to the next level. Say goodbye to your dignity. Things are about to get very humiliating for you LOSER. When I say LOSER HAS TO, all losers must obey whatever command I give next. Even if it’s totally humiliating. And it will be, especially the ending. But you won’t resist. You’ll do what losers do: you’ll degrade yourself like a good little bitch my enjoyment. *BTW I didn’t plan these tasks ahead of time. I’m simply going to make you do whatever my twisted mind comes up with in the moment. Loser has to satisfy my whims, no matter how fucked up they are.*
JOI,Femdom Pov,Ass worship

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