Natashas Bedroom – Insidious

I am insidious. The perfect drug. My power doesn’t overwhelm or scare you in the beginning. My pretty smile and softly commanding voice gently ply you into my world. The surrender feels so sweet. So gentle. You don’t see the danger that’s creeping up on you. You don’t notice the addiction building. You don’t feel out of control.

Not yet.

That’s where my true power lies. In the illusion of harmlessness, the illusion of safety, the illusion of self-control. The heights of pleasure and the depths of submission that I bring you to, leaving you aching for more each and every time. Soon, it’s more than just an ache. You NEED to climb higher for me. You NEED to fall deeper for me.

And when the illusion of safety finally shatters, when reality starts to set in, it’s too late for you. You’re forever MINE.
JOI,Natashas Bedroom,Femdom Pov,Mind Fuck

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