Sep 132020

Natasha’s Bedroom – CEI Loop  Until You Eat It

Natasha’s Bedroom – CEI Loop  Until You Eat It
You will swallow your cum down today. How do I know? Because I won’t be finished with you until you finally go through with it.

Press play. This is just round one: your first chance to eat your cummy load. Lots of edging and teasing, and then a nice, sensual cum countdown… Will you do it? Will you swallow your sticky semen? If you comply, you can enjoy that big orgasm along with a tasty treat. If you back out, deny or ruin yourself, and start over from the beginning.

Press play again. It’s time for round two: your second chance. If you already went through with it, consider this a bonus round. The more loads you eat the better, but you’re not dismissed until you chug down at least one.

Each round you go through makes you more desperate to cum. Your need to explode is pitted against the repulsion you feel at the thought of gulping it down. Eventually the latter will win. Inevitably I will win, coercing you into satisfying your craving for jizz.

Around and around again, an endless CEI ****. You’re stuck here until you swallow. It’s a little cum swallower predicament, from which you cannot escape until your belly is full of cum.
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