Dec 052020

Natasha’s Bedroom – BBC Cuckold (1080p)

Natasha’s Bedroom – BBC Cuckold (1080p)
I think you’re a sweet guy, such a nice boyfriend, but there’s something I have to confess. I just can’t stop thinking about my ex-boyfriend’s big black cock. He was hung like a horse, and he fucked me in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Now that I’ve experienced BBC, white dick just can’t satisfy me anymore. It can’t compare the way a big black cock pounds my pussy and fills me up with cum.

From now on, my pussy is property of BBC.

That means no more pussy for you. You’re going to watch my ex-boyfriend fuck me tonight. He’ll fuck my pussy, my tits, my ass — all of my body is his to use. I want you to watch very carefully so you can see how a real cock fucks. You’ll have some cuckold duties to perform to make yourself useful. I’ll tell you all about them if you promise to be a good boy for me.

And that’s just the beginning. I’ve been deprived of BBC, and now I’m ravenous for it. My pussy is dripping for black dick. I’m going to get fucked by groups of big black cocks and stuffed with their cum. I’m going to get pregnant from all that powerful black semen as you watch helplessly. I’ll be filled with so many loads of BBC cum that I won’t know who the step-father is. No one will. But everyone will know that it’s not you.

This is your life now, cuck!
Cuckolding,Forced Bi

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