Natashas Bedroom – Alpha Confusion

You’re an alpha male. Nothing like the losers. You’ve never thought of yourself as less than any other man or woman, but that’s about to change. I’m here to conquer you. And once I do, I’ll make you as weak and submissive as a little beta bitch.
The confusion in your alpha brain starts as soon as you press play. You’re not a weak man, or so you think, but your knees start to shake when I begin to speak. All you can think of is my breasts, my ass, my legs, my face…mind loose and wobbly, cock hard as can be. What’s happening now? Are you jerking like a bitch already? Uh-oh. That’s what betas do.
You’re on your knees for me. I thought your place was above, not below? But here you are, unable to resist my commands. You’re feeling weak. Submissive. Confused and craving my control. Your dwindling power feeds me. The weaker you become, the stronger I grow.
You’re an alpha male…most of the time. But not when I"m around. I’m the ultimate alpha, and you’re just a beta before me. You can resist, you can fight, but you’re no match for me. I WILL conquer you.
JOI,Mind Fuck,Brainwash,Femdom Pov,Verbal Humiliation,Loser

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