Jan 082021

Nailed Labias – Abby

Nailed Labias – Abby
Finally Abby’s pussy nailing wish came true. She was so eager to do it for so long time. Although she thought that her outer labias would be nailed to a wooden board and she was a bit scared when I told her that her outer labias were too small and I would nail her huge inner labias instead. Eventually she loved it so much that she got really turned on and had several orgasms in the end. She also got some nice whipping marks on her tits and on her belly as a bonus. If you visit my twitter you will also have a bonus uncensored clip next week, but please be warned, it is not for the faint-hearted
[ BDSM, nails, nailing,torture, nailing, pussy torment, whipping, spanking, lesbian domination, pussy eating licking, foot licking, piercing, lezdom,queensnake ]

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