Nadia White & Dixie Comet / Freeze & Sex Games

Nadia is looking at a vintage board game she got at a yard sale when her roommate Dixie comes home and so she asks her if she’d like to play it with her. Dixie agrees and while she is looking over the instructions, Nadia flips over an hourglass that comes with the game to time turns and suddenly there is a magical burst of light and Nadia is frozen in place. At first Dixie doesn’t notice but she soon looks up when Nadia stops responding and sees that she isn’t moving. Dixie thinks that Nadia is just fucking around with her as a practical joke so she decides to have a little fun with her and see how far she can go before Nadia gives up and admits she’s joking around. First she pulls Nadia’s boobs out of her shirt and gives her a little grope, but she gets no response. She pulls up her skirt and plays with her pussy through her panties but still nothing. Finally, Dixie strips Nadia completely naked and poses her naked body. Just then, the hourglass runs out and Nadia snaps back to life and finds, to her shock and surprise, that she is completely naked. Dixie thinks that she has just gotten her friend to break her practical joke and tells her to quit messing around so they can play the game as she reaches down and flips the hourglass for her turn. As Dixie flips it there is another magical light and she becomes frozen just like Nadia was previously. Now Nadia realizes what happened and decides to give Dixie a taste of her own medicine as she strips her out of her clothes, gropes her and poses her body. When the timer runs out again and Dixie is unfrozen, she also now realizes what’s happening and lunges forward to flip the hourglass again for Nadia’s turn, freezing her. Dixie decides to kick things up a notch and spreads Nadia’s legs open to lick her pussy. Dixie eats Nadia’s pussy so well that when the timer is up and she is unfrozen she immediately is having an orgasm. Shocked at what Dixie is doing, Nadia now lunges for the timer and flips it freezing Dixie. Nadia tells Dixie she has a little surprise for her and runs off, returning wearing a strap on. She slides her dick in Dixie’s pussy and fucks her hard from behind so that when Dixie unfreezes she is also mid-orgasm just like Nadia was. After she finishes cumming, Dixie calls truce. She kisses Nadia and thanks her for the orgasms but also suggests that maybe they shouldn’t play that game anymore.
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