May 312018

MUURDER-ROOMS, Path of Peril

MUURDER-ROOMS, Path of Peril
Starring: Zoey Knoxx as Sovereign Girl and Anastasia Pierce as the Muurder Rooms Hostess
Synopsis: Sovereign Girl, who secretly finds it hilarious that Valkyrie and Night Strike were captured by the Rooms, was investigating a suspected Rooms property when she was ambushed and knocked . She wakes in a dim room alone and quickly realizes to her horror that she is the latest attraction of the Muurder Rooms.
The Superheroine is challenged by the room hostess and finds out that if she want to escape alive she will have to “play the game”. Trapped in a maze of corridors she will find several rooms of danger. A real path of peril awaits her. Dangers of different kind, mental and physical. Will her strength and persistence get her through?
Includes: Zoey Knoxx as Sovereign Girl, Anastasia Pierce as the Muurder-Rooms Hostess, Super heroine in Distress, End Game, Maze, Traps, Perils, Path of Peril, Indiana Jones type scenario, Darts, Danger, Humiliation, Interactive Display and Game with viewers , Original Super Heroine Costume, Giant Oven, Sonic Crusher, High Frequency Waves, SHIP, Super Villain, Fantasy, Challenges, Orgasm, Damsel in Distress, Parody, Weak, Muurders Rooms, Helpless, Broken Down Super-Heroine in Distress. DOOM, NO Escape
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