Apr 102021

Muse Naadia & Mistress India – BNWO Stripping you of your ‘Masculinity’

Muse Naadia & Mistress India – BNWO Stripping you of your ‘Masculinity’
You are NOT a "man". You are NOT worthy of having sex. You are a small dick loser. You are a weak, mind-FUCKABLE simp. You crawl on hands & knees begging for an opportunity to be "seen" and placed at the feet of Divine Ebony Goddess’ such as Ourselves. Praying that We would just glance your way so that Our Power and Control can begin to take over your body. You know there’s only one way to enter Our Presence and only one way to stay – by sending REPARATIONS! Reparations are DUE! LONG. OVER. DUE. Mind your place. Redisposition the excess wealth you do NOT deserve. How dare you take this country from Our ancestors and NOT give it back to Us in multitude! Fall to your knees, forehead to the ground white beta and $END what is RIGHTFULLY Ours NOW!
ebony,black supermacy,mind fuck,goddess worship,joi

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