“Moral Lessons” featuring Bella Rolland and Kayla
Synopsis: White Shadow is at it again. After an interview with an investigative journalist, WS cements her arrogance and displays an entitled and cocky demeanor, even insulting the police. Her assumption that the public loves her is more in her head than based in reality. WS’ inflated ego frustrates the journalist, so she formulates a setup to finally teach White Shadow a lesson. Embarrassing and humiliating her in front of her beloved public is the cornerstone of the journalist’s plan. Find out what exactly she does as WS is finally brought down to earth.
Contains: 1 on 1 female/female combat, punches, belly punches, kicks, low blow, full nudity, fingering, groping, rubbing over the costume, frontal wedgies, closeups of pussy, O ring gag, restraints on 4 corners while on examination table, nipple play, nipple clamps, glycerin acid drenching heroine – poured on chest, pussy, and poured in mouth, live stream to network and then streamed online, interaction with public via real-time messages,
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