Molly Jane – Super Molly vs Super Man

Scene One: Capturing Superman

Super Man finds himself tied up with kryptonite rope and no pants. “I bet you’re wondering why I have you all tied up?” Super Molly asks him. “I’ve given you a chemical so that when you orgasm you lose all your powers in your cum.” He yells at her in defiance but is helpless to stop her hands from touching him.
“Stop it!” He tells her. “All you have to do is not orgasm.” she whispers to him. Getting to her knees she sucks Super Man and feels him get hard against his will in her mouth. She teases his cock and balls, sucking him until he can’t help but cum down her throat. “You’re powerless, no longer Super Man, Now your just a man”

Scene Two: Villain Webcam Humiliation

“I have another surprise, This has been a live webcam show. All the super villains on the entire planet have been watching me do this to you.” Super Molly looks through the comments seeing what next she should do. Using her new found strength she punches him in the stomach, making him cry out in pain.
“You will never get away with this” he tells her in a weak voice which makes her laugh. Lex Luthor from the webcam asks to see Molly’s tits and she does as he asks, smiling.
The next suggestion, spank Super Man’s ass. Super Molly puts on his cape and spanks his ass with her bare hand, paining him red with pain. Grabbing a flog she whips him mercilessly. She smothers his face in her tits and ass. Super Man too weak to fight back against being used by Super Molly’s every desire.

Scene Three: Fucking Kryptonite

Super Molly shows him a strap-on kryptonite cock and slaps it on his face. “This is going in your sweet ass” she tells him, putting it on. She makes him suck it like a slut, destroying his face with her cock. He looks at it with disgust as he’s to suck and have it rammed down his throat.
“Say my name!” she yells pushing her cock deep into his ass. “You super bitch!” he yells back with his last bit of strength. She works her cock back and forth, burning his ass with the cock. “Please stop, it’s me” The kryptonite deep inside him removes what’s left of his strength and he falls, permanently. “So long Super Man” Molly says.
She lays over his defeated body and masturbates, feeling her power over him. She cums so intensely. Cat Woman was the highest bidder for Super Man’s balls, so she snips them off and ships them. Marking the end of Super Man.
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