Misty Lovelace as Firestar in “Dazed and Confused”

Firestar is captured by the Trickster so he can continue to perfect his sleepy traps for superheroines. Firestar, meanwhile, wants a rematch with the Trickster for the way he humiliated her last time. It’s safe to assume that Firestar won’t get her way and is soon put through a myriad of sleep traps including electro net, chloroform, and injection. Trickster gets cute with his overpowered opponent and decides to do a selfie chloro. Firestar is kept dazed and confused throughout her uphill battle with the Trickster. Will she overcome the villain’s tricks or will this rematch end the same way the first one did. Find out in this brand new episode.
This video features multiple chloroform KOs, electr0-net KO, multiple injection KOs, bondage, multiple over the shoulder and cradle carries, butt spankings, and limp play.
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