Mistress Malice’s Setup

Published Feb 24, 2022

Batgirl (Veronica Weston) quickly walks into Mistress Malice’s (Hannah Perez) lair. Mistress Malice is bound in front of bed, with hands behind her back. They talk seductively. Mistress Malice exposes-fantasy her tied hands and poses with legs straight and slightly spread, poking ass out. Batgirl checks her out, picks up spanking implements from bed and keeps belp. She folds it, lightly slaps her palm with it and sets it down on bed. Batgirl unties Mistress Malice and kneels down with hands on her thighs. Mistress Malice turns around, aroused, holds Batgirl by the chin, then grabs her throat and pulls Batgirl up to her feet. Batgirl bends over, pokes ass out and moves the cape from covering her ass. Spanking begins, with Mistress Malice dealing sensual firm spanks, getting aroused. Batgirl holds a sexy position, as Mistress Malice holds her by hair, throat and wedgies. Mistress Malice touches and grabs Batgirl’s ass and thighs while spanking her, and talksshit between smacks. Mistress Malice spanks Batgirl in 4 positions: hand spanks with Batgirl bent over hands on bed, hand and belt spanks with her bent over stomach down on bed, belt spanks while laying down on bed, and hand spanks over the knee sitting on bed. After spanking, Mistress Malice puts Batgirl down on her hands and knees in front of her, holding her by the hair. Batgirl puts hands on Mistress Malice’s thighs/hips, while Mistress Malice guides her to her inner thigh. Batgirl kisses Mistress Malice’s inner thigh higher and higher, until she reaches crotch and implied oral begins. Mistress Malice moans and grabs Batgirl’s head.

Cosplay, Sensual Domination, Spanking, Spanking F/F, Super Villain,
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