Nov 232021

Today we are in the role of undercover police. As chief, I have been investigating some strange goings on in the local park. It involved three suspects, so I ordered my colleague to bring them in for questioning. We line them up against the wall, and order them to undress by dropping their pants. We are going to see if any of them are trying to hide anything inside their asses. To make sure our bitches obey our instructions, we each bring out a cane. We won’t waste any time with them, and they quickly feel the pain in their asses as we give them some painful strokes. With our black latex gloves, one at a time, we inspect their ass holes. It’s not long before we find the culprit. He is wearing a butt plug in his ass, and as I pull it out my bitch lets out a gasp. We tell him he’s going to be punished for what he’s been doing in a public place. The others will have to remain present as we teach our bitch a lesson We both put on our strapons, and place him over the bench with his ass ready to receive a good fucking. Taking turns we shove our strapon into his ass and ride him like a little pony. His squeals make us laugh as we fuck him harder and harder. There’s no escape for our bitch, as he receives a hard punishment for his filthy butt plug habit. We finally leave him with his ass bruised and battered. It’s been a great day for both of us after our very successful strip search…
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