Mar 202021

Mistress Euryale – Chastity toy gets machine-fucked

Mistress Euryale – Chastity toy gets machine-fucked
Tied up to the medical chair, wearing a chastity cage, you wake up in front of Mistress Euryale, who already has a cruel smile on her face, her shiny boots in your face, and holds a remote control in her graceful latex-gloved hands.
She set up her powerful fucking-machine in order to pursue your training – you hope that at least she will allow a release from your cage, but she is in a sadistic mood… You will get alternately penetrated by the fucking-machine, teased and denied with her huge vibrator on your cage, and played with like a pathetic chastity toy, with no other choice than to try all the different settings and speed of the machine for her entertainment…
Ready? It doesn’t matter. She decided for you.
anal masturbation,prostate massage

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