Mar 242021

Mistress An Li – A Better Man Than You

Mistress An Li – A Better Man Than You
Watch me jerk off this cock. I’m getting it hard so I can fuck him.

How sad is it that it’s not you? You know it’ll never be you. You know you can never be him. You’ll never be as handsome as him, as strong as him, as alpha as him. You’re just a beta loser, and Women don’t want to fuck beta losers.

So you’re going to watch me stroke him and get his cock hard with the full knowledge that I will be riding this sweet cock after. You’re going to watch me pleasure this cock that I adore so much, a cock that isn’t yours. And you’re going to accept that you will never, ever be him.

He’s a better man than you. You know I deserve better than you, right?
Features: mesh lingerie, handjob, cuckolding, humiliation, alpha, beta, small penis humiliation, SPH, cuck

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