MISSING PARTNER (a sequel to BOUNTY IN A BOX) – Bounty Hunter Jacquelyn Velvets

MISSING PARTNER (a sequel to BOUNTY IN A BOX) – Bounty Hunter Jacquelyn Velvets goes on rescue investigation! SLEEPY PERIL, LIFT/CARRY, LIMP PLAY!

In this HOT NEW sleepy peril custom project, a direct sequel to “BOUNTY IN A BOX” (found below in the store), Bounty agent Jacquelyn Velvets is looking for her missing partner at the firm (Calisa) and this was the last known address. Knocking on the door, she’s met by James, who lets her in. As they discuss matters, he excuses himself. Looks like he’s involved in something, as upon return, he sneaks up w/ a rag and clamps it on! But Velvets is tough, and is able to fight him off! It’s revealed that unlike Calisa, Velvets has undergone sleepy training, so she’s able to fight off all but the strongest sleepy serums! After pummeling him, she taunts and teases him, ripping off her shoe and forcing her nylon foot in his face, the pervert probably enjoyed it!

But of course her arrogance is her downfall! James puts up more resistance, and as they fight over the sleepy cloth, James is able to push Velvets down down after a punch to the face. He takes her earlier boasts as a challenge, as he grabs a xtra-strength bottle of sleepy serum and doses a rag, which he he then uses on her while hanging over a chair! She fights and struggles but is put out. He rips her shoes off, looking over her nylon feet which he’ll most likely enjoy later! He looks over her limp body before CRADLE CARRYING her out to the bedroom. In the bedroom, he strips her down to her underwear and pantyhose – she comes around and tries to resist during the process and is promptly put back out! He limp plays and poses her, the once tough cookie now reduced to a posed plaything. He toys with her in the bed, plays with her. When she wakes, her puts her back out. For his amusement, she comes around now dressed in frilly lingerie and panthose, where he continues to dominate her, putting her back out after some play.

Now CRADLE CARRIED to the garage, he dumps her on the mat. When she tries to come around, she’s toyed with and put back out. Now in the shipping crate, bound and helpless, James puts the sleepy mask on, to keep her quiet for the long voyage!
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