Oct 142021

Miss Tiffany wants Bright Star’s power. She asks Dr. Fondle if he can do it. He says no prob. He tells her, he has a machine to transfer Super Powers!! Miss Tiffany will be a terror in the City with super powers. The Doctor gets the Chief of Police to tell Bright Star she is required to have a medical exam. Bright Star shows up but tells the Doctor the exam & shot are unnecessary The Doctor distracts her & injects her. NOW ITS TIME TO TRANSFER POWER FROM GOOD TO EVIL!!! The 2 ladies are sitting together in the machine! . Bright Star loses her power….Miss Tiffany gets all of it! The Doctor OTS carries away Bright Star!!! He puts her into a locked room. He doesn’t need to tie her up, she is now an ordinary woman. Miss Tiffany wakes & is very happy with the results. The Doctor helps a staggering Tiffany to the couch. MEANWHILE….The Evil Scientist calls & tells the Doctor ,he knows what’s going on over there. He has had problems in the past with both of these ladies. He offers to buy both ladies! He is always in need for sex slaves. TIME FOR A DR.FONDLE DOUBLE CROSS! The Doctor rags out an unsuspecting Miss Tiffany, as he does that , he also fondles her. Seems Tiffany forgot, she may have super powers but she also has Bright Star’s weaknesses . Now all that’s left is to grab Bright Star & ship both of them to the Evil Scientist. The Doctor opens the door & Bright Star club KOS him. Quickly, Bright Star puts Tiffany back into the machine & reverses the power transfer. BRIGHT STAR ONCE AGAIN HAS HER SUPER POWERS! Its time to take these 2 villains to jail. Bright Star has Dr. Fondle by the ear & Tiffany by the are as she leads them away!
tags:superheroine porn,superheroines fetish Hypnosis, Mind control, Superheroines, Boot Fetish, Groping, spandex, struggling, medical

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