Jun 042021

Miss Alika White – Mean Bratty Censored Strip Tease

Miss Alika White – Mean Bratty Censored Strip Tease
Let’s face it, you were never one of the cool guys on the sports team with a hot girl cheering you on. And I’m not going to cheer you on now. Instead I’m going to remind you what the cool guys and hot girls thought of you.
It’s sad that you have a thing for the type of hot bratty popular girls that would barely acknowledged your existence. Never mind, today you’re in for a treat. That popular girl who is way out of your league is going to strip in front of you.
No, obviously not because she wants to get with you. Eww, like I’d ever let you jerk your loser dick to my naked body! No, I just want to rub in the fact that you’ll never see me completely naked.
Where you would see my hot athletic figure, instead my body will be censored you’ll just see phrases expressing what alpha guys and girls think of you. So go ahead and watch the clip, this is as close as you’re getting to dating a hot cheerleader, loser.
Censored Porn,Mind Fuck,verbal humiliation,femdom pov

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