Michele James in Destruction of Bat Gurl – Breaking and Entering

Barbara Gordon, AKA BatGurl, is napping peacefully in her parents home. Suddenly an intruder grabs her by the neck and slams her down on her bed. She tries to gasp but his grip is so strong. With her dazed he shoves his hard cock into her crying mouth. She needs to clear her head and find a way out of this. He snaps photos of her humiliation and shame the whole time.

She’s thrown to the couch, confused and half awake. That’s when he pulls down her panties and fucks her. Her body is ravaged as she grabs her head in pain. “Try doing 15 years in prison!” He yells at her. Barbara is so confused, what’s he talking about. “Why me!” she yells. It seems that her step-dad put him in prison with the help of BatGurl and now she’s paying the price. “You’ll fucking pay for this” Barbara says. He cums deep inside her and a feeling of revulsion pours through her. She sits crying on the floor as she contemplates BatGurl’s revenge.
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