Mental Mind Games – Learn Acceptance And Feel The Pleasure

Are you feeling helpless, out of control with this humiliation masturbation habit? Are you feeling some guilt in there? Like you’re not in control of your life anymore? You feel this need to struggle against this desire to continue down this downward spiral, against how much you want it, how much you need it? Are you struggling with it, hmmm? Well there’s no need to struggle. Just because I understand what you are, doesn’t mean that you’re not a man without needs. It’s just that your need is to be humiliated and degraded. You need to be controlled and I’m doing it to you and you’re enjoying every moment. I’ve accepted that this is what I was made for, why have you not accepted this as your place? You know that you’re not better than me and I’ve accepted it, so why haven’t you?You see you need to accept your place, in this. Accept that you are an addict. You’re an addict for mental and emotional pain. You’re addicted to humiliation, addicted to being degraded, addicted to being treated like you should be treated. But it’s not really an addiction is it? It’s just the natural way of things. It’s the natural order that you are a part of. You should just learn to accept it. You will achieve a new level of happiness when you learn to accept that you will be jerking for beautiful women who humiliate you for the rest of your life. When you stop fighting it and learn to accept it, it will just feel so good. You will feel peace when you realize that this is your sex life, this is your entire sexual identity. Let it seep in to every pore. You see if I call you a loser, your cock begins to twitch. If I tell you to jerk off to me and only me and the humiliating things I tell you, I’ll bet that makes you happy. That makes you feel warm, fulfilled. So you just need to accept this part of you. Accept that this is your life.You don’t deserve me and my perfect body, my beautiful face. You deserve to have me degrade you in the worst ways. You deserve to feel so pathetic before me. And that thought excites you too. And it’s ok to admit it, to embrace it, and you’ll be truly happy if you do. Accept who you are. Now stroke your cock and repeat it over and over again, ‘I accept my place, Goddess.’
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