Dec 242020

Mental Domination – Diego Mesmerizes Dora Fucks her Silly

Mental Domination – Diego Mesmerizes Dora Fucks her Silly
Dora & Diego are in the woods exploring. Dora decides to play a spelling game with Diego, but he’s tired of all the stupid games. In Diego’s mind he’s put in the time over the years and he’s had enough. All he wants is for her to put out, but she never does. Until Diego finally gets his chance, he sends Dora to go look for his lost hat that Swiper stole from him. That’s when he goes inside Dora’s backpack and discovers some pretty shocking items. First off Diego finds a huge big black dildo that looks like it could fit inside an Elephant. Then he discovers a mind control stone. Right away his eyes light up because he knows what he’s going to do with it. He waits for Dora to return with his stolen hat then he pulls out the stone. He has her stare into the gem and soon she is under his control. Diego proceeds to make her finally put out. He has her suck his cock and balls then he gives her a proper shafting. When he is finally ready to finish he shoots his load deep inside her. At this point Dora is a euphoric state and Diego doesn’t want to disturb her. So he puts on his clothes and leaves her in the woods and halls ass back to town to tell his buddies.
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