Menace of the Mind Mage

Mind Mage has escaped his prison in the Fema – Zone! Master of Mental and Elemental magic, the evil wizard seeks revenge on the Mighty Isis who dared banished him to the Fema – Zone! To lure Isis into a trap. Mind Mage pays a visit to Isis’ well known friend, Andrea Thomas.

Mind Mage gets the drop on Andrea Thomas and prevents her from transforming into Isis. Mind Mage tries to subvert Andrea Thomas with his mental magic, but the plucky high school science teacher’s thoughts are not so easily captured! Unfortunately, without the powers of Isis, Andrea Thomas’ falls under Mind Mage’s spell. Mind Mage attempts to kiss Andrea Thomas, but she snaps his magical hold. Despite a courageous resistance. Mind Mage conquers her free will and compels Andrea to kiss him and give him a blowjob. Mind Mage orders Andrea Thomas to remember her humiliation and send Isis a dare to face him. Mind Mage vanishes. Furious, Andrea Thomas transforms into Isis and sets off to punish Mind Mage.

Mind Mage and Isis engage in furious back and forth battle with magical and hand to hand fighting. Isis commands the elements of lightning, sunlight and matter transferal to batter Mind Mage. When in doubt, the mighty goddess is not above a little biting and femdom to prevail. Mind Mage counters with gravity magic, hand over mouth (HOM) gagging, belly punches, magic bondage with gagging, tornado magic, face slaps, a classic superheroine takedown, limp play, tickling and mental magic. The battle rages back and forth and the issue in doubt for some time. Mind Mage finally takes down Isis with a classic superheroine takedown.

Finally under Mind Mage’s magical thumb, Isis submits and gives him a subservient blow job. But is this really the end of the Mighty Isis? Our gallant goddess rallies and take downs the wicked wizard. Isis femdoms Mind Mage to submissively pleasure her pussy. Unfortunately, Isis just can’t keep a good evil wizard down! Mind Mage combines a dirty trick, finger fucking and mental magic to put Isis is under his control once and for all. Mind Mage finishes off the fallen goddess with a good screwing and cum shot.

Amy Faye stars as Isis and Andrea Thomas. Russell Grand plays the wicked wizard, Mind Mage.
CLIP INCLUDES: -A villain unknowingly confronting, stopping transformation, attacking and sexually humiliating a superheroine when she is in her vulnerable secret identity form. -a super heroine vulnerable in her weak secret identity form to evil attack. -a superheroine in her secret identity form fiercely resisting, falling under, breaking free from but ultimately falling to mental magic. -a superheroine in secret identity form under magic control and compelled into giving villain kisses, a blowjob and help lure Isis into a trap. -a superheroine in secret identity form under mental magic control nearly revealing her own secret identity. -a superheroine in secret identity form under mental magic control robotically promising to obey villain over and over. -Andrea Thomas using her amulet to become the Mighty Isis in an homage to the iconic Andrea Thomas/Isis transformation. -Special effects include transformation from secret to superheroine identity, teleportation, mental magic, lightning, sun beam lasers, gravity, magic bondage with gagging, tornados and matter transferal. -Rhyming spells from both heroine and villain to summon their magical powers. -A back forth fight scene with heroine and villain taking control back and forth. -under magic control, a superheroine in secret identity puts her secret identity at risk. -a superheroine resisting, falling under and escaping mental magic multiple times. -Isis depowered by mind control, gagging by hand over mouth (HOM), gagging with bondage and power item removal. -Isis using biting, ball stomping, throat stomping and ball crushing to counter villain’s magic and superior physical strength. Isis yelling, robotically speaking and mmmppphhing into hand gagging, bondage and cloth. -Villain mocking a helpless Isis as she struggles in rope bondage, handcuffs and gagging. -Under mental magic control, a superheroine debooting and depowering herself as she robotically promises to obey villain. -a superheroine under mental magic control robotically promising to obey villain over and over. -Limp play with arm drops, body/head drops, leg drops and caressing legs. -Villain using hand over mouth (HOM), belly punches, face slaps and tickling in a superheroine beatdown. -Back and forth sex fight with superheroine and villain taking control back and forth. -Superheroine giving villain blow jobs and sucking his balls in both her secret identity and goddess forms. Shot from multiple angles. -Superheroine femdoming a villain by stomping on him making him lick her pussy. -Villain using magic control and finger fucking to break Isis’ will.-Villain fucking a broken superheroine and cum shot.
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