May 282022

Maxima is am undercover stripper posing as a dancer in order to infiltrate a mafia run organization. Abyss locates her whereabouts and after kicking out a customer, beats her up in the private area of the club Maxima is moonlighting at. Not wanting to blow her cover, Maxima holds out on transforming, but finally is forced to do so, realizing her power as a civilian leaves her compromised and unable to defend herself. Unfortunately, by the time she transforms, she’s already depleted and only has enough to change into her “training suit”. Abyss is amused and takes full advantage of the mismatched scenario, eventually KO’ing poor Maxima. At this point, Abyss transports the heroine to her lair to continue the fun. After Maxima wakes and figures out a way to transform to her full power suit, she’s still not powerful enough to transform fully, lacking certain pieces of her power suit which fully enable her. It’s this error that enables Abyss to fully control and have her way with Maxima. Find out what nefarious scenarios Abyss has in mind!!
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