“MASQUERADE” starring Cadence Lux

starring Cadence Lux as the Star Spangled Super Heroine searching for her missing fellow crime fighter. The trail leads her to the lair of the ntorious crime lord, Black Mask (starring Valik as the Special Guest Villain courtesy of The villain strikes first by imprisoning Cadence in an energy field and punishing her with powerful electrifying shocks that brings the super heroine down to her knees. Black Mask releases Cadence and challenges her to a fight. Cadence holds her own against the super criminal but still receives a merciless beating struck with devastating face punches and stomach punches. Black Mask gladly shares how he gets his real kicks and begins to grope on her perky tender breasts and warm delicate crotch area of the weakened super heroine. Cadence attempts at fighting off the villain only leads to another round of beatings followed by more intense groping. Black Mask reveals that he has even more planned. What perils lie ahead? Find Out!
Clip Includes Cadence Lux, Cosplay, Male vs. Female Combat, Super Villain, Peril, Energy Field, Electro Shock, Face Punches, Stomach Punches, Breast Groping, Crotch Groping, Low Blows, Bear Hugs
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Duration: 00:17:11 Resolution: 1280×720 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 777.28 MB

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