Masked Pretty Detective! Illusion Mask

Hono Wakamiya,Seika Harunagi
The Demon cult, an underworld organization at the school punishes female students for their difficulties and sells the footage. Illusion Mask, an emissary of justice who fights daily against its guru, the Devil’s Toe. Her true identity is Suzuka Fujimiya, the school’s student council president. Suzuka fought against the Demon cult, never revealing her true identity. Meanwhile, Suzuka’s best friend Yurie Akiyama, who is often targeted by the cult, is captured by the punishment-teacher Masaburou, who manipulates insects and snakes. Masaburou interrogates Yurie to find out what she knows about the identity of Illusion Mask. Yurie, who thought Suzuka was Illusion Mask, could not bear the cockroach interrogation and told Masaburou about it..! [BAD ENDING]
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