Marriage Counselor for Loser Husband

I am so glad you are both here, it isn’t easy to communicate at times, this is why I am here! I am going to help your marriage. I have already heard your wife’s side of this whole ordeal, now I want some insight into yours.From what I heard from your wife it seems like this can be easily fixed, we can save your marriage! It is plain as day – YOU are the problem! If you want to keep your wife you should show her you are worth having around. All I can see is a loser. I want you to change, you will be her chef, maid, butler, gardener, whatever else she might need. You will follow HER lead and do as she says. You will learn to keep quiet and only do as you are told or she is going to end up divorcing you and finding a real man to marry instead. We can save your marriage, you just have to learn to do everything your wife says!

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