Marcelo Vs Nadia White

Marcelo has a reputation for being a loser on our mats but ever since He learned that he can still choose to get buttfucked if he wins, he has become a totally different sex fighter. He has been getting in shape, working out and now he’s becoming a problem for some of our girls. Unfortunately for Marcelo, Nadia White is a very skilled sex fighter. She trains catch wrestling and knows how to be mean and sensual all at the same time. If Marcelo gets out of line, Nadia has no problem grabbing him by the balls and putting him back in his place. Today Marcelo give Nadia a run for her money and things are starting to look a little worrying for Nadia. She would despise to be the first female to actually lose to Marcelo. How humiliating would that be. This fight does go the distance. The winner is brutal to the loser after their loss. The loser gets fucked in the ass as a loser should.
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