Apr 032021

Manipulatrix Ivy – IQ Draining Hypnosis

Manipulatrix Ivy – IQ Draining Hypnosis
It’s easy to let your brain turn off when you’re listening to My guiding, soothing voice. Being melted in My control feels so good because it requires no thinking. As I push you deeper under My control, the less thoughts you begin to notice. Your memories begin to slowly leak out, allowing more room for My voice. Your intelligence begins to drip, slipping DEEPER and DEEPER into mindless bliss. As I continue to empty your mind, you may notice time begin to slow down, simply being suspended in My voice. *This video is very intense and I do not recommend watching it every day.
hypnosis,trance,brainwash,mind control,joi

Duration: 00:33:51 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 2.15 GB

Download – Manipulatrix_Ivy_-_IQ_Draining_Hypnosis.mp4

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