Making an Adorable Heroine Your Servant Ⅳ

The Three Ranger(justice force) protects the peace of Japan from the Dark complex (evil organization). Justice heroes are also ordinary people in their daily life. Kenji (sub-leader and Blue Ranger) asks Asuka (leader and Red Ranger) out although he knows she is way out of his league. But Asuka can’t reply soon because it is difficult to have romantic feelings with her partner. She wants to focus on keeping piece of the country. Kenji approaches Asuka persistently. Asuka gets angry about his attitude and says to him that if he mentions about same topic, she discharges him from the Three Ranger. But Kenji can’t give up his feeling. Kenji sneaks into women’s dressing room and masturbates with using Asuka’s underwear. Dark Complex notices Kenji’s abnormal mind and makes a contact to him for breakdown of the Three Ranger.[BAD END]
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