Mindi Mink vs. Terra Mizu
Before watching this video you must ready your mind and body. Mindi Mink versus Terra Mizu is a strength competition that may leave your body weak and your mind reeling. Mindi and Terra are stunningly voluptuous and today they are looking to dominate each other. All of this is in the hopes of winning the bachelor of their dreams. The women begin the video by talking directly into the camera, confessional style, and explaining how strong they are. They flex their powerful arms and smile alluring right at you. Soon the women are in the ring. They remove their chic cocktail dresses and rub oil all over their curvy bodies. Terra wears only a thong, while Mindi wears nothing at all. Their giant breasts glisten with oil as they lay their bodies, tummy down, on the ring. Facing each other, they put their hands out and begin to arm wrestle. Their muscles bulge and sweat drips down the struggling women, but only one can win. Mindi and Terra stand up for a test of strength. This is followed by a bear hug contest. All of this culminates in a good ole’ fashioned catfight between two very busty girls. The winner delights in her triumph as she is handed a rose by the bachelor she fought for.
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